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Java Programming Fundamentals

Course Description

Course Goals


Five days.


Java and the Java Application Programming Interface (API) enable programmers to serve dynamic content over the Internet and write truly portable applications - impossible programming assignments in traditional object-oriented languages like C++. This five day course for programmers with limited programming experience teaches the Java programming language, details of the Java API, and object-oriented programming fundamentals. The course emphasizes understanding why and when to use a language feature or library resource. This is a hands-on course consisting of 50% lecture and 50% programming exercises. Many examples of real applets and applications are presented, giving students an understanding of how to solve genuine programming problems in Java.



Programmers with some, but not extensive, programming experience.


This course assumes that participants are comfortable with procedural programming concepts:  control structures, expressions, method (function) calls, data structures (records), and references (pointers). Participants may know these topics in any language and not necessarily Java.

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